HT-AVR & Built-in HT-AVR

Indian Transformers and Electricals PVt. Ltd manufacture quality HT Automatic Voltage Regulators (HT-AVR) and Transformer with Built-in HT-AVR of capacity up tp 5000 KVA, 33 KV Class.

HT Automatic Voltage Regulators (HT-AVR)

It is seen that despite best efforts by many electricity boards / supply undertakings, due to diverse loading duties arising in transmission and distribution network, voltage at consumer's end is never constant.

This low/high voltage is applied to all electrical machines like Transformers, Motors, etc., hence causing loss in substantial electrical energy. Besides voltage fluctuations also play havoc by damaging expensive, sophisticated, CNC/PLC controlled equipment, lighting, elevators, etc. Therefore arising a need to conserve energy as power tariff is ever increasing.

We manufacture HT-AVR that are designed to overcome & control voltage fluctuations due to diverse loading duties & line losses arising in transmission & distribution network. These are designed for balanced as well as unbalanced loads & input voltage supplies.

HT-AVR operates ON Load directly on the HT line and provides a stabilized HT output voltage +/-1% that is fed to the step down transformer resulting in constant/stable LT output. The line diagram is given below showing the same.


  • HT-AVR supplies rated Stabilized Voltage to the Transformer, thereby the utilization of the transformer will be up to full rated capacity and is protected from High/Low voltage fluctuations
  • Low losses as voltage fluctuation is removed from the system
  • Single unit of HT-AVR can be connected to multiple Distribution Transformers
  • Reduction in Breakdown of Electrical Equipment
  • Power Saving (Reduction in Power Bills)
  • Improvement in power factor and reduction in MDI
  • Better efficiency in plant
  • Being categorized as a power saving device, the payback period for the cost of our HT-AVR is from 12-15 months depending upon the input voltage and no. of working hours of the plant

Key Features

  • Compact Design
  • Minimum Power Losses
  • Better Efficiency
  • Low Input ranges can be stabilized in High Ratings
  • Low Response Time
  • Low Maintenance
  • Trouble Free Operation
  • Long Service Life
  • Space Saving
  • Reduced Installation Cost
  • Reduction in Electricity Bill

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Transformers with Built-in HT-AVR

We offer state of the art Transformer with Built in HT-AVR. It is a combination of HT-AVR and a standard Distribution Transformer.

The fluctuating HT voltage from the utility is controlled by the HT-AVR with accuracy of +/-1% and then fed to the transformer, which transforms it to the standard ratio as per the specifications of the distribution transformer, to LT voltage. Subsequently, stabilized HT voltage will result in a stabilized LT voltage with accuracy of +/-1%. Basically, stabilized LT voltage can be obtained through a single device. The line diagram is given below showing the same.

The main advantage is that very low input ranges in higher ratings can also be stabilized.


HT-AVR or Transformers with Built-in HT-AVR are virtually required at all such places where controlled and constant voltage is one of the most important requirements and are suitable where breakdown due to voltage fluctuation results in heavy financial losses such as Hospitals, Laboratories, Various Life Saving & Testing Equipments, Pharmaceuticals, Research Institutes, Defense, Telecommunications, Air Conditioning, Data Processing, Electronics based Industries, Educational Institutes, Food Processing Units, Paper plants, Footwear and Leather Industries, Cement Plants, Textile Industries, Moulding Units, Hotels, Farm Houses, Offices and Residences/ Housing Apartments, etc.

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