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» Power
» Distribution
» Furnace Duty
» Converter Duty
» Inverter Duty
» Thyrister Duty
» Rectifier Duty
» Scott Type
» Step-Up
» Step down
» Dry Type
» Isolation
» Ultra Isolation
» Lighting-cum-Isolation
» Special Type
» Transformers       with OLTC,    RTCC,AVR &
» Transformers    with HT AVR
Voltage Controllers
» Servo Voltage Controllers (SVC)
» Automatic Line Voltage Correctors (ALVC)
» Vacum Circuit Breakers (VCB)
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INDIAN TRANSFORMERS & ELECTRICALS, GURGAON is pursuing excellence and has remained a front runner in technology and precision with endless efforts for perfection. ITE-GURGAON is a part of group of industrial companies having diversified interest in the fields of textiles, shoe components (made with German Collaboration) and import- export.       . . . know more
38th KM. Stone,
Delhi-Jaipur Highway, Behrampur Road, Gurgaon
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